7 Best Online Institutions For Photography That Can Change Your Career

Online institutions for photography are great options for professional and amateur photographers who want to improve their photography skills. Compared to the conventional photography institutions, online schools have various benefits from lower fee structure to efficient time utilization. Our busy schedule today, does not allow everyone to regularly attend a regular classroom program but it is easy for anyone to regularly attend an online photography course. Since the materials can be downloaded and learnt at your own convenience, you can learn during your spare time and weekends.

7 best online institutions that you should consider are:

1. AS in Digital Photography, International Academy of Design and Technology- For photography beginners, this is probably the best online course because it covers a large range of topics from composition to lighting techniques at a beginner level.

2. Photojournalism Program, Boston University- Boston University is a renowned university in United States. When the university officials realized the potential of internet as a great resource for educating students, they came up with a number of fascinating online courses and their department of photography is one among them. The faculty includes professional photographers who have won several prestigious awards and worked with prestigious institutions.

3. BFA in Visual Communication, American Intercontinental University- BFA program from AIU is dealing with the artistic side of photography. However, this program also provides very good insight to various photography equipment, photography techniques and the scientific aspects of photography.

4. BFA in Photography, Pratt Institute- The photography program from Pratt Institute covers various aspects of photography including the history, color and studio lighting. The program has eight semesters.

5. BFA in Photography, Savannah College of Arts and Design- If you are photographer with a strong passion for art, this program works best for you. The introductory classes include drawing and painting sessions to provide you a better insight to colors. MFA in Photography, Savannah College of Arts and Design is one of the best courses for professional photographers and students who want to learn the commercial aspects of photography. The MFA program covers marketing and sales as well as digital photography.

6. BFA in Photography, Academy of Art- The San Francisco based institute is well known for their cutting edge art courses and this course is no exception. You will learn about working with clients, organizing portfolios, studio tools and lighting. They also offer an MFA program.

7. Visual Journalism, Brooks Institute- The Visual Journalism program from Brooks is the best option for those who are looking for a specialized photography degree. Be it fashion, advertising or industrial photography, the institute has tailor made courses that suits you the best. This course can be the best choice for amateur photographers who want to learn about a particular niche and for professionals who are planning to expand their career to one more niche.

There is no doubt that these schools have at least one course to offer that will be quite appropriate for you.

Why is PR Photography so Important?

Product launches are a great PR opportunity. In one sweep you are able to impress those that attend, which will stick in their minds and also get to get some publicity from the event through raising awareness.

Even of you only invite a handful of guests, the PR photography images you take can be used in newsletters, both internal and external, in email shots as well as getting into the all elusive press. There are local business papers, magazines and directories that regularly feature businesses in their pages. If you haven’t tried this out already perhaps it’s something you should ponder. Getting it right can make all the difference though.

Make sure you compose your shots or better still, get a professional to do it. If you are going to hire a professional make sure you talk them through your brief exactly and not leave anything to be presumed or to chance. If you’re after formal shots, tell the PR photographer this, if you are after informal shots with people using your product let them know this – it will make all the difference when they come back and they are just what you want as opposed to something that has gone completely beyond your control. In addition, don’t forget it’s not just launching products it could be a new service.

Product launches are not the only time you will need photography. Perhaps you are having an event such as an award presentation evening. If this is the case, you don’t want photos of the evening taken with backs of heads you will want a professional. If you have a professional, you can then give everyone who receives an award an individual photograph as a follow up to their time in the limelight, this is particularly beneficial if you have someone who is either respected in your industry, a leader of the field or if you have secured the services of a local celebrity or sports star these will be cherished afterwards.

Of course, if you are having an event solely for client entertainment then you will need to have photos to remember the event, great for adding on your website and getting people to visit.

PR photography is very much linked to marketing, getting your business represented in the eyes of your customers and impressing them or building relationships with them.

To Recap:

– Know your specification, requirements and what you want out of it

– Think about where you will use the photographs

– Let the photographer know

– Think about location

– Remember the ultimate aim is to build current/prospective client relationships with PR Photography Newcastle.